• Leigh Hawiara
  • Cast Member of Thunder from Down Under
Cast Member of Thunder from Down Under

Do you like a sexy man with a bald head who break dances and
plays a guitar? Then get to know me! I will have your pulse racing and heart pounding when you see me perform in Thunder. I am from Tauranga, NZ or Sydney and currently am a cast member of Thunder from Down Under. Out here in Vegas I like to train and play my guitar, but back at home I miss the surf, snorkeling, hiking and break dancing with my #1 crew, Blackout. In a woman, I look for an open mind, a good sense of humor, independence, active and adventurous. I believe the eyes are the sexiest part of a woman and women usually think my most attractive qualites are my smile, tattoos, dance ability, and my bald head lol.


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