• Matthew Fardell
My name is Matty and I'm from a little town in the middle of no where called Trundle in Australia and I am currently part of the cast of Thunder from Down Under in Las Vegas. My ambition is life is to run the best health & fitness careers institute in the world. I have my degree in physical education and am a licensed physical fitness trainer. To stay in shape I I do my huffy puffy everyday – whether it’s cardio, weights or backyard work. The sexiest part of a woman are the nice parts that men don't have. What makes me special is a continual thirst for knowledge. Women are most attracted to my accent.
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      Photo Shoot

    • ! Black and White

      Black and White

    • ! Door way

      Door way

    • ! One for the Ladies

      One for the Ladies

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      No shirt

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      Red Rock

    • ! Red Rock

      Red Rock

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      Cowboy up!


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