• Ryan Arbaugh
My name is Ryan Arbaugh and I am from the Gold Coast in Australia. I am currently a cast member of Las Vegas' Thunder from Down Under. My ambitions in life is to be happy and content. To stay in shape, I mainly just lift weights and eat really good. I am naturally pretty lean so I don’t have to do cardio. ?Independence is attractive in a women. The sexiest part of a woman is the obvious bits of course! But I’m also a sucker for nice tan skin, alluring eyes and a great smile. What makes me special is ?I am down to earth and I’m easy to get on with. ?Women seem to like my smile and dimples and the fact that they can’t work me out drives them crazy.
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      Red Rock

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      Out at Red Rock

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      Me a little wet

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      Pool Anyone?

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      Model shot

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      Me looking at you

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