• Shannon Robinson
My name is Shannon Robinson and I am from The Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. ?I wish to ultimately achieve happiness in this life I believe this is the ultimate accomplishment in life. I stay in shape because ?I love to run, dance, weight train and eat a reasonably clean diet. What I look for in a woman is a bubbly personality, interest in healthy living and that spark. I am torn between the smile and the eyes, if a girls has either one of these qualities I am stunned lol but if she has both I just melt. My ideal romantic date is a gondola ride across the bay in my hometown at night under a clear sky and a full moon, with a candle lit dinner accompanied with a nice glass of red. Women are most attracted to my gentle nature, I’m a big teddy bear.
    • ! Pic of my mug

      Pic of my mug

    • ! Another Beach Pic

      Another Beach Pic

    • ! I love the beach

      I love the beach

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      Photo Shoot


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