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Las Vegas Off-Road Tours At VORE (Vegas Off Road Experience), You're in charge! "It's YOU" who gets behind the wheel to drive the ultimate off road dream machine, the VORE ROUGHRIDER truck! Strap on your helmet, tighten up your safety belts and gaze out at the NEVADA badlands. Feel your pulse quicken as your eyes focus sharply on the road ahead in anticipation. With a push of the ignition switch the fire-breathing engine roars to life and suddenly YOU'RE OFF for the time of your life! The VORE staff's professional instructions race through your mind one last time as you slam the throttle down and race across the prehistoric desert landscape devouring huge ruts and rocks that would incapacitate any lesser machine. Take to the skies as your VORE ROUGHRIDER TRUCK takes flight and defies gravity in what seems like impossibly smooth, comfortable and stable cockpit conditions. This rare experience normally reserved for racing legends and off road champions, is now yours! Go to www.vore.com to sign up today!