Getting Hammer'd Doesn't Hurt

Getting Hammer'd Doesn't HurtWhere: 202 Fremont Street, 89101
August 28, 2013 at 6:19 PM | by sammasseur from

Mike Hammer: Comedy Magic is a little dynamo of a show. Currently ranked #24 out of 526 Vegas attractions by TripAdvisor readers, it regularly fills the Canyon Club Theater at the Four Queens. That's no small feat, considering the frequency that downtown shows come and go. Along with Golden Nugget'sGordie Brown, Mike Hammer: Comedy Magic has entrenched itself as a long-term fixture on Fremont Street.

Mike’s improvisational humor and sleight-of-hand are as sharp as his trademark vertical hairstyle. He's a frequent guest on talk shows, does MMA ring announcing, and has been a game show emcee (MC Hammer?). In a city filled with magic shows, this one manages to make the art of illusion cool, sexy and hilarious. He calls it “Getting Hammer’d.”

You never know what’s going to come out of Mike’s mouth (sometimes, it’s a string of razor blades), but we took a chance and asked him a few questions, anyway. And, we couldn’t resist the urge to throw in a “Magic Mike” reference. Considering his show's final illusion involves him being onstage in his boxers, he deserves to be in the running for next year's Hunkiest Headliners.

Favorite Vegas Show: My favorite show is Absinthe (Caesars Palace). It’s very edgy, interactive and great talent. Of course, this is a tie with Penn & Teller (Rio).

Favorite Vegas Club: I have to go with the newer LIGHT Nightclub (Mandalay Bay). Great music and an open environment. Of course, my favorite nightclub can change by day of the week.Favorite

Vegas Restaurant: Hugo’s Cellar. I am a bit lucky that my favorite restaurant happens to be at the same casino as my show (Four Queens). However, it is always great tasting food. The service is excellent as is the atmosphere.

Favorite Spot To Relax in Vegas: The Spa at Green Valley Ranch. This is a peaceful and relaxing environment and my favorite mental escape.

Best Thing Off The Strip: Boulder City is a great place to visit away from the Strip. It’s close enough toLake Mead for some sights, has some great restaurants along Main Street, and is a quiet, friendly environment.

Best Vegas Surprise: 24 hour town! It’s easy to catch a movie, grab a bite to eat or go bowling. This town pretty much has it all and quite a few choices aside from the “oh so popular” gambling. I love the fact that other people are up all hours of the night.

Best Advice For Vegas Virgins: My biggest advice to virgin visitors is to drink plenty of water. This town is very dry and people tend to get hangovers very quickly. Lots of water is a must. I suggest drinking a glass of water for each bottle of beer. I suppose that is a good ratio.

Best Hangover Cure: No real advice here. Try coffee. It won’t help, but it tastes great.

The Sin I Would Like To See Sin City Lose: All pants need to be pulled up to people’s waists. Yes, it’s not just a Vegas thing, but ridiculous nonetheless, so why not.

Favorite Thing About Downtown: The best part about downtown for me is the variety. Downtown has everything from music, bars, Fremont Street, the Zipline and all sorts of events throughout the year.

Who Would You Rather See “Get Hammer’d” At Your Show: Magic Mike or MC Hammer?: It would be cool to have MC Hammer visit my show. I have seen his show and we had a conversation on how he stole my name.