About Naked Empire

Naked Empire an Original Series Harry Mohney and his son Jason own and operate nearly one hundred gentlemen’s clubs and adult shops around the world. The “Naked Empire” is an all access back of house R-RATED look into the X-RATED family run business. Whether it’s pressure from the religious right and the Federal Government or violent customers and thieving employees, this father/son partner and their team confront an endless flow of conflicts on a daily basis. Harry Mohney In his early 20’s, Harry Mohney opened his first bikini bar in Lansing, Michigan hiring his childhood friend Larry Flynt. While Flynt went on to become infamous, Harry chose to keep a low profile. For over 50 years Harry Mohney has flown under the radar, building a worldwide empire despite powerful opposition from law enforcement and the religious right. He has become an industry legend – a legend no one knows - until now! There’ve been a lot of scandalous rumors about Harry over the years. That’s why he’s decided it’s finally time to set the record straight and open up his uncensored life by allowing our cameras into his world for the very first time. Harry rules his empire with an iron fist in a velvet glove. His ‘subjects’ include hundreds of managers and thousands of employees, including more that 15,000 beautiful, sexy, topless and totally nude strippers, all with the phobias, problems and freakish lifestyles inherent in their chosen profession. Harry has seen it all, heard it all, and most significantly, done – and is still doing - it all. Harry’s lifestyle has brought him wealth (i.e. two private jets), afforded him travel (he owns businesses and residences throughout the world) and provided him power over an empire of adult pleasures encompassing nearly a hundred Gentleman’s Clubs throughout the US and Europe, including Déjà Vu Showgirls, the Hustler and Penthouse Clubs, Little Darlings, and Harry’s most recent Vegas venue, “Vince Neil’s Girls, Girls, Girls”. Harry’s office is right off the Vegas Strip above his “Erotic Heritage Museum” that houses a hundred- million-dollar collection of erotic artifacts and art. Across the parking lot is one of Harry’s 22 “Déjà Vu Love Boutiques” housing the largest collection of adult toys, fetish paraphernalia and intimate apparel in the world. Harry keeps expanding his empire to include sports, karaoke and other bars, extensive real estate holdings around the globe, including office buildings, cattle ranches, a vineyard in France, and a 312-year-old Haunted Hotel in New Orleans occupied by dozens of exotic dancers (a television series in itself). Harry has the insight of a psychoanalyst, the focus of a tightrope walker and the loyalty of his tight-knit team who understand that everything on Harry’s mind comes out of his nouth, whether he’s talking to his staff, or the vice squad rying to shut him down. ? In “Naked Empire” we will intimately get to know Harry the entrepreneur, the women’s rights activists, the fun-loving pioneer, the resolute rebel, the down-to-earth philosopher, the father, lover, and benevolent ruler of a Naked Empire that includes the following eccentric cast of characters: Jason Mohney Jason is heir to Harry’s throne. He lives in a Vegas mansion with two women, his beautiful blond girlfriend Dawn, and the exotic Lillian. Jason is the ultimate playboy, a young man following in his father’s footsteps, while at the same time blazing his own path. Jason owns his own clubs and other businesses, has use of the family jet to fly anywhere in the world whenever the mood strikes him, and indulge in whatever fantasies strike his fancy. Jason drives the Vegas Strip in a big, black truck covered with airbrushed strip club logos and erotic art. Jason has done every job in the business, from bus boy to bouncer. He has earned Harry’s trust, although dad wishes his son worked a little more and partied a little less. Dawn Dawn is a down-to-earth, mid-west girl from Michigan, who keeps a very close eye on Jason’s relationships with the thousands of beautiful women he encounters in his position of authority. She travels the world with Jason between his homes in Vegas and New Orleans, the condo in Costa Rica, and the clubs around the world that Jason oversees. Like the beef jerky she loves to cook, Dawn is tangy, tasty, occasionally tough, but always delectable. A former dancer herself, Dawn understands what the dancers are often going through and often finds herself acting like their sister, their confidant, or their shoulder to cry on. When the mood strikes her, Dawn may even get on stage and dance. ???Lillian ?Lilly is Dawn and Jason’s best friend and housemate. She has their back and they have hers. As the clubs’ Marketing Manager and Event Planner, Lilly’s job is to make sure everyone has a good time. She’s the ultimate party girl, a wild, free spirit living a life many women can only dream about. Kim ?Harry’s girlfriend Kim is a 28-year old, soft-spoken Asian American - not the type you’d expect to be involved in the adult entertainment business. Kim is extremely artistic and designs the interior for most of Harry’s new and remodeled clubs. She’s currently working on Harry’s new Déjà Vu Club on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. While Kim appears conservative and prudent, it’s clear there’s a shrouded sexuality burning beneath the surface that keeps Harry captivated. Kim would like kids, but Harry already has nine kids with five different women. Their a-typical relationship is ripe with conflict and passion. ? Frank If you were trying to cast the ultimate New Orleans, Bourbon Streetcharacteryoucouldn’tbeatFrank. AformerNewOrleans homicide detective, Frank will tell you that, “Crime pays, but not as good as it used to”. Harry gave Frank a small ownership in his New Orleans operations, which Frank runs with an iron fist in an iron glove. Gruff and funny as hell, Frank loves being surrounded by the sexiest women in New Orleans. He’s living the dream, and his loyalty to Harry is unwavering. He’ll do anything his boss asks, no matter what. ?Gary Gary studied to be a forensic psychologist, but when he didn’t make it into the FBI, circumstances brought him into Harry’s Empire, where over time he has become Harry’s right-hand man overseeing all the Vegas Clubs and the Adult Toy Store operations. Gary works over 100 hours a week. He’s loyal to Harry, respected/feared by the managers and employees who work under him, the object of affection and confession for the girls who seek comfort and advice at his knee, and the hands-on troubleshooter when problems arise, like the murder that lead to ?the closure of “Strip Hop” and the opening of “Vince Neil’s Girls, Girls, Girls”. Vince Neil Legendary front man of Motley Crew, Vince Neil, who resides in Vegas when not touring, has partnered with Harry and co- owns Girls, Girls, Girls. With Vince you will never know what famous celebrity or rocker will show up to party or make an impromptu performance. ? Ted McIIvenna ??While Harry owns the Erotic Heritage Museum, Ted owns its collection. In fact Ted owns the largest collection of rare and valuable Erotica in the world, from historical to infamous. He has over 400,000 classic pornos dating back to the silent film era, in four warehouses with thousands of unopened crates containing erotica still waiting to be revealed, analyzed, appraised and catalogued. Every work of art and object of erotic memorabilia has a provocative story behind it that connects to the sexuality of today’s world. Episodic and recurring characters We’ll meet: Gorgeous, battle-scarred Strippers with compelling stories and dramatic conflicts; Eager, timid young Strippers just starting in the business; Muscular Bouncers with inner conflicts of their own, whose job it is to protect the girls. The expert Staff and curious Customers at the Déjà vu Love Boutiques who want to enhance their sex life; and other outlandish characters working in or frequenting Harry’s Clubs in Las Vegas, New Orleans, LA, San Francisco, New York, and a city or town near you. “Naked Empire will give the audience unrestricted access to Harry Mohney’s incredibly colorful, and wildly erotic world, jam-packed with limitless story lines that allow us to creatively take sexy narratives up to the limit the network sets, never having to cross whatever line, while still being assured of having a provocative, and seriously titillating show. H & J Productions Has engaged Stella Productions as the production services company for the Naked Empire Stella Productions- Chris Donovan and Craig Borders Stella Productions is a full service, script to screen Vegas based production and post-production services company. Clients includes; Vegas.com, all Vegas advertising agencies and major casino hotels in Vegas, major networks NBC, ABC, CBS, ESPN, FOX , WB and Discovery Channel as well as INDemandHD. Production/Production service credits include, The Vegas Minute, America’s Party with Ryan Seacrest (Fox National New Years Special), The Vegas Open (11 Episodes for INHD), 16 Episodes of Casino Diaries for Gabriel Films and Discovery Channel, House of Cards (Reality on World Series of Poker), Nerve Center- Discovery Channel -Vegas Production support for Exploration Productions, Inc.